Dr. Muriel O'Tuel

Motivational Speaker, Author, Educator

Dr. Murial O'Tuel has entertainingly inspired for decades.

Entertainingly Inspiring

For more than a decade, Dr. Muriel O’Tuel has motivated a variety of audiences including school, college, business, church and civic organizations throughout the United States.
She is a highly acclaimed after-dinner and keynote speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association.

Her wisdom and wit are entertwined in a way that teaches and inspires while the audience is entertained. Her stories might leave you laughing or crying but will never leave you.


Dr. O’Tuel is the author of a dynamic book, FOOTPRINTS ON THE HEART, The Caring Path To Prosperity, in which she uses her powerful storytelling talents to take you back to her own roots in a fundamentalist North Carolina farm family, while leading you kindly on the upward road to charting your own path to achievement and fulfillment. This personal and professional growth book is a must for all ages who need encouragement or a jump start for successful living in an ever changing world.


Dr. O’Tuel now devotes most of her time to a professional speaking career that has taken her to cities across the United States, Europe as well mainland China and India. Striking chords in their hearts and stirring up memories, Dr. O’Tuel inspires her audience to feel she has walked in their shoes. She promotes high ethical standards from a caring heart and a long tradition of family values. She was married to Dr. Maxcy O’Tuel for 35 years until his untimely death of a heart attack at age 59. Her airline pilot son Bryant lives in North Carolina with his wife Kim, their sons Will and Charles and daughter Delaney.

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